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Waterdog Bottle Dispenser

Waterdog Bottle Dispenser

Waterdog Bottle Dispenser

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Nothing ruins a nice, long, relaxing walk quite like worrying about finding somewhere for your pooch to quench his thirst. The portable Waterdog Bottle Dispenser will keep your dog hydrated while on the go. Plus, you don’t even need to bring a bowl with you – this handy bottle has its own dispenser!

Now you're ready for any adventure, from short-walk to long distance traveling.


✅ Can be operated with one hand.
✅ Two-way flow system allows you to return the unused water back into the bottle. No more wastage of drinking water on outings!

✅ Increase carrying capacity by attaching the dispensing top to a larger bottle.
✅ Be in control of how much water is given.
✅ Antibacterial, FDA-approved, lead-free and BPA-free material.
✅ No more water leakage with watertight silica gel seal ring.

12oz/350ml (7.5 x 20.8cm / 2.9″ x 8.1″).
16.2oz/480ml (9 x 24cm / 3.5″ x 9.4″).
18.6oz/550ml (7.5 x 26cm / 2.9″ x 10.2″).

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