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Tumbling Egg Puzzle

Tumbling Egg Puzzle

Tumbling Egg Puzzle

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A truly entertaining toy that is designed to keep your cat busy for hours at a time, the Tumbling Egg Puzzle is created to keep your cat running and moving each and every time it’s turned on.

Battery-powered and incredibly simple to operate, no other cat toy in your home will bring your cat or kitten running from another room to take part in the fun.

This wonderful cat toy can turn any space into an amusement park that only a cat can fully enjoy.


  • The rotating arm swings erratically to attract the kitty's attention for great fun.
  • An amusing, smoothly rotating toy that your cat will never tire of spending time chasing.

Size: 7X7X9cm
Weight: 150g

★ Covid-19 UPDATE: We appreciate your understanding that the current estimated delivery time may take between 3-4 weeks. This is mainly due to high demand while trying to maintain low prices for our valued customers.

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