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Rainbow Snuffle Blanket

Rainbow Snuffle Blanket

Rainbow Snuffle Blanket

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The Rainbow Snuffle Blanket is an absolute must-have for nervous or anxious dogs. Your dog will get the soothing benefits of using his nose and his mind to find his dinner. Think of it as an 80s shag carpet full of dog treats.

Relies Heavily on Scent
This toy is more of a scent game than a tough-to-solve puzzle. As we said above, sniffing is a great way to calm down nervous dogs.

Easy for Dogs
What’s more natural to a dog than using his nose to find food? This toy keeps dogs busy for a while, but doesn’t require any training on your end to make it work.

Keep Your Dog Occupied For Extended Periods
For one thing, pup puzzle toys can keep your dog occupied for a longer amount of time than even the squeakiest stuffed squirrel. A high-energy dog isn’t just in need of a reward (e.g., the squeaky sound, or the taste of the treat): they need to work for it! For dogs, the promise of food rewards can keep your dog engaged for huge stretches of time.

Release Happy Hormones
Sniffing for food releases dopamine into your dog’s brain. This hormone makes your dog feel relaxed and happy. Puzzle toys that are scent-based are extra good at making your dog feel better, but any puzzle toy that engages your dog’s “seeking pathway” of the brain will do the trick!

Prevent Destructive Behavior
Helping a dog focus their energy on the Rainbow Snuffle Blanket helps prevent them from turning to destructive or undesirable behaviors such as chewing furniture, nuisance barking, or begging.

Combat Boredom & Loneliness
Dogs need mental enrichment, just like people do. Especially during times when your dog is alone for long stretches, it’s important that they can occupy themselves and not get bored.

Size of Blanket with Non-Slip Base

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