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Cat Dancer Teaser Wand

Cat Dancer Teaser Wand

Cat Dancer Teaser Wand

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  • Safe, interactive toy for all kittens and cats
  • Cat Dancer toy comes with flexible wand and colorful fabric ribbon
  • Watch your kitty jump and play as you twirl and whirl this fun teaser cat toy
  • Excellent for aerobic activity

Suggested directions for use: 

Hold Cat Dancer Teaser Wand lightly by the handle and drag the end across the floor in front of your cat.Drag the end behind a chair or table so that it is mostly out of sight. Then show it to your cat again, and again drag it out of sight. By now, your cat should be chasing the toy. Give the flexible wand a wiggle and the snake-like end will serpentine across your floor.

Caution: Never crack the toy like a whip near your cat. That makes a sound that's sure to frighten your cat and may make it unwilling to play with the Cat Dancer Teaser Wand. Do not leave the toy with your cat unsupervised.

Ultra Long Ribbon length: 120cm (47.24in)

★ Covid-19 UPDATE: We appreciate your understanding that usually, orders arrive in 3-4 weeks. This is mainly due to high demand while trying to maintain low prices for our valued customers.

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