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Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder

Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder

Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder

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Keeping food accessible for your pets all day is easy with this Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder.

This feeder features a transparent storage hopper which allows you to monitor food level at a glance, as well as a wide opening removable cover to make adding food easy. Once in the feeder, your pet's food leverages on gravity and funnels out into the bowl to make food accessible at all times. All without the trouble of charging and the danger of stray electrical wires!

For maximum freshness, the storage hopper's darker color limits light exposure, while intel seal technology locks freshness in and keeps moisture out, helping to keep your pet's food fresher longer.

Intelligently designed for performance and ease of use, Bistro Gravity Pet Feeder is ideal for dogs & cats of all sizes.


  • Removable storage hopper cover 
  • Removable bowl is dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip base
  • Anti-spill and splash-proof: The floating disk effectively prevents water from overflowing, keeping your floor dry at all times.

  • Universal bottle fit (you may replace the feeder bottle with any PET bottles)

Product Size and Capacity:

Includes: Feeder with removable bottle
Intended For: Dogs & Cats
Life Stages: All
Capacity: 584ml (water storage) / 2.2 liters (food storage) 
Colors available: Pink / Gray / Green 

★ Covid-19 UPDATE: We appreciate your understanding that usually, orders arrive in 3-4 weeks. This is mainly due to high demand while trying to maintain low prices for our valued customers.

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