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Ergonomic Pet Feeding Set

Ergonomic Pet Feeding Set

Ergonomic Pet Feeding Set

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The Ergonomic Cat Feeding Set is tailor-made to accommodate your cat's height, and the bowls are tilted forward at 15 degrees, which makes it a lot easier for dogs and cats to reach their food. 

Benefits of a tilted food bowl:

  • It has a curved interior and has no inside corners where food tends to get stuck.
  • Its shape allows food to drop low in the bowl where it is most accessible to your pet.
  • It works exceptionally well for both wet and dry food.
  • Features a wide brim and is spacious enough to free your pets' whiskers from rubbing against the side of the bowl, as cats, especially, can suffer whisker fatigue.
  • Spherical bowl shape catches food well and prevents food spillage and mess 

Benefits of raised food and bowls:

  • Raised food and water bowls can help to prevent indigestion and stomach discomfort.
  • An elevated cat feeling bowl reduces strain on your cat's joints, neck, hips, shoulders and oesophagus by making it easier to swallow.
  • This means reduced chances of choking, vomiting and discomfort. 
  • Sturdy, Non-Tipping Base - prevents food from being pawed out of the bowl.


EASY TO WASH - No hard-to-reach corners  


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