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Roasty Self Heating Pet Bed

Roasty Self Heating Pet Bed

Roasty Self Heating Pet Bed

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This multi layered bed is perfect for chilly nights and winter days.
It reflects your pets' own body heat back to them, keeping them warm and snuggly. No treacherous cables or charging required!

Self-warming pet pad reflexes keep your pet warm on cold winter days by reflecting your pet's body temperature. At the same time, it also has a good effect of keeping warm to prevent the dogs from getting cold in winter.

The soft wool coat with zipper seal can be easily disassembled for easy folding, carrying or connecting. It is also convenient for washing.

This cushion can be suitable for a pet bed, crate, bracket, dog house, car or simply put on the floor.
The pet heating mat adopts the high-quality and environment-friendly material, which is durable, resistant to bite and wear and non-toxic, and the mat has a long service and harmless for pets.

The baser has the function of anti-skid and damp-proof, and it can keep bed for long time use.

SIZE: 60 x 45cm

★ Covid-19 UPDATE: We appreciate your understanding that the current estimated delivery time may take between 3-4 weeks. This is mainly due to high demand while trying to maintain low prices for our valued customers.

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