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September is National Happy, Healthy Cat Month

Did you know that every September, we dedicate a whole month to our feline friends' well-being? To honour our favorite feline companions, here are top 10 ways in which you can better care for your cats: 

1. Provide new toys or change it up!
A new toy is one of the most easy ways to satisfy a cat. Not all toys must be purchased from the store, although interactive cat toys can engage and stimulate your cat meaningfully. The cats will entertain for hours paper sacks, wadded and empty boxes.

2. Train your cat together
Cats are intelligent and food based and can be trained to make fun tricks – they are excellent for the felines in both mental and physical stimulation. Your cat's training can strengthen the bond between the feline mate and you.

3. Make your cat earn their meals
Feline obesity in this country is a huge problem, and it is one way of fighting it that cats work for their food. To channel natural hunting instincts of a cat, food toys are available. When the cat plays with it, the toy releases kibble in a small amount. Another option is to hide the food from a cat in various places to find it. This large volume Ferris spinning toy dispenser might be a good choice too!

4. Get your cat comfortable with the carrier
Many cat owners find this to be the worst part of taking their cat anywhere. To ease your pain, get your cat a safe (and stylish!) carrier and condition them to feel safe in it before veterinary visits or family holidays – not 5 minutes before you are ready to leave!

5. Visit your vet regularly
Cats who are healthy are happy. Many vets are cats-friendly or specialized doctors in cats. Annual wellness visits can help in the early recovery of health problems.

6. Microchip your cat 
Besides a collar, a microchipping system offers a permanent identification if your cat gets lost.

7. Go outside
There are ways that cats can be safely taken out by owners to expand their horizons. They can walk on a leash with a harness or be confined to a special outside area – naturally under supervision – to allow them to experience the world outside the window regularly and safely. 

8. Provide scratching posts

Scratching is a common occurrence in feline behavior.
Proper scratching posts should be provided. Scratching is a common occurrence in feline behavior. Cats should be able to stretch and care for their claws in designated areas. Keeping your cat happy can be as simple as providing a long and strong scratching post in a vertical, horizontal, or inclined position.

9. Don't scrimp on preventative medication
Fleas, ticks, mites, and heartworms annoy everyone, including your cat. Even if your cat is kept exclusively indoors, these bugs can still attack them. A parasite-free cat is a happy cat, and preventative treatment will keep your entire family healthy.

10. Consider getting another cat

Because cats are sociable animals, you should consider visiting a shelter and adopting a best friend for your present kitty. Cats enjoy playing, and having a playmate will make them happy—as long as they are properly introduced and have the appropriate locations to eat, hide, play, and relieve themselves.

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